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Having a beautiful yard means more than planting a few rosebushes and a tree. Making the most of your property is important for many reasons and there are quite a few things to consider. Having the right designers and hardscapers to install your stone is important, too. But, why do you need quality stonework?

 Consider this:


The inside of a home may be absolutely breathtaking, but if the outside is lacking, the home will just have a feeling that something is incomplete. A welcoming path to the front door makes people want to come in. Wrapping the front columns in stone speaks durability and safety. Having a nice pool is one thing, but making that pool into a show-stopper is another. The right stonework can do that. Investing in stone work is a great way to build into your home’s appraised value, whether you plan to sell or not.


You may have an area of your yard or property which is struggling with erosion. A wall of beautiful stone can stop that problem immediately and keep that soil in place for the foreseeable future. Taking protection further, there is nothing more elegant or stately than a stone fence around a home. Whether you combine it with wood or chain doesn’t matter; stonework takes it up a notch. These fences make great mountings for security cameras, too.



A swimming pool is a prime example of using stonework to set off an area of the home. Think about the difference between a simple in-ground pool and a waterfall over stone, cascading noisily into the pool, which is also surrounded with gorgeous rock. There may be lighting added to bring more mood. The difference between the first suggestion and the second one is profound. You can settle for a “backyard” or create an oasis. Stone pathways wandering through lush gardens will bring people out to enjoy the beauty created by all of your hard work.


One of the most popular approaches these days are the backyard living areas. Stone can be used so many ways in these applications, including patio, backdrop walls, bars, countertops, kitchens and more. You can put in permanent seating around a fire pit made of stone. Pavers and stone stairways can lead from one area to another.


Once you decide what type of stonework you want to incorporate, then the real designing fun begins. Out of the many thousands of types, colors, sizes, finishes, cuts and polishes available, you have to find the one that speaks to you; that one that speaks ABOUT you. The custom design possibilities are endless and the professionals at Outdoor Hardscapes are here to make sure you get exactly the look you are dreaming of.  Maybe you seen a walkway you love, but you want to change it up a bit.  Simply by changing the size of the stone and the finish, you change the presentation from sleek and elegant to rustic, rough, and unfinished and rough cut pavers make a different approach than huge slabs laid with creeping thyme growing up between them. Even when you have a pretty good idea what your wishes are, there will be many different options which bring those ideas to life in different ways and help you design the perfect outdoor space for your personality.


By selecting Outdoor Hardscapes as your technical team, you will have quality work which screams skill and talent in design and installation. When you come through our doors with your pictures, ideas and color pallets, we will utilize it all, put your personal style into the mix and show you what it will look like in reality. For many, this is an awesome moment. They just can’t believe that we can translate those images in their heads into a beautiful design. WE CAN! Our designers are the best and our installers have already done work that is absolutely show-stopping. Go take a peek at our gallery and see some of our previous clients’ work.

We want your outdoor space to be our next Gallery entry! Give Outdoor Hardscapes a call today, gather your ideas, and let us help make your “stone dreams” a reality.